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Fighting Styles Edit

There are several different fighting styles used by GTS Wrestlers.

  • All-Rounder (A fighting style that utilizes various aspects of multiple other styles)
  • Brawler (A fighting style that utilizes dangerous moves, such as strong punches or strong slams and grapples)
  • Grappler (A fighting style that focuses mainly on grapple based moves, such as takedowns)
  • Hardcore (A fighting style that utilizes weapons and highlights stuntwork, blood, sweat and gore)
  • Acrobat/High Flyer (A fighting style that utilizes high risk, high reward moves such as diving moves or springboards)
  • Jobber (People who mainly lose their matches, also known as "Enhancement Talent")
  • Powerhouse (A fighting style that focuses on mainly using big power moves to showcase a wrestler's strength)
  • Showboats (People who talk trash mostly every time they step into the ring)
  • Striker (People who mainly use striking moves or techniques in their arsenal, such as punches, kicks, chops and/or uppercuts)
  • Strong Style (An unorthodox fighting style that adapts aspects of martial arts)
  • Submission Specialist (A fighting style that relies mainly on wearing down the opponent with submission moves)
  • Technical (A fighting style that consists of wrestling holds and moves rather than using brutality)
  • Trickster (A fighting style that focuses on cheating or other dirty tactics to win a match)
  • Manager/Valet (Manager or a Valet that often watches over a wrestler during their match, often distracting a referee or getting involved to help their wrestler win. Usually, managers and valets accompany heels, but there are some that accompany faces, such as Tiffany Avatar accompanying Duhop.)
  • Kidnapper (People who kidnap wrestlers)
  • Weapon (Item as a weapon)
  • Alien (People who use a alien gimmick)
  • Commentator (People who focus mainly on commentary)
  • Police Officer (People who use a Police Officer gimmick)

GTS Superstars Edit

Name Real Name Fighting Style Main Finisher Notes Face or Heel
Ace Marxman All Rounder Cross Hair, 5 Star Frog Splash and Spear Face
Adam Bizarre Rodney Pearce Hardcore Mushroom Slam Face
Allie Recks Ellie Rhett All Rounder Face
Big Chico Bart Rickenbacker Brawler Bodyslam Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Face
Big Bruno Lou Bruno Powerhouse Meadowlands Chokeslam Hasn’t appeared in over 30 days Heel
Big Cal Stevens Stephen Calhoun Powerhouse Bitter End Hasn’t appeared in over 30 days Heel
Billy Ambrose William Wornstaff Grappler Dirty Deeds Face
Blaxstrom Robert Black Submission Specialist Arm-Trap Fujiwara Armbar Face
Bonifer Tyler McManus Strong Style From Dusk To Dublin Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Face
Bobby Orlando Robert Harlan Showboat/ Trickster Hasnt appeared In over 30 days Heel
Brody Sean Moulson All Rounder Surfboard Stretch Hasn’t apperead in over 30 days Face
Buster Jackson Nate Jackson All Rounder Spin-Out Powerbomb Hasn’t appeared in over 30 days Face
Brandon the Bull Brandon Hall Powerhouse The Bulldozer Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Face
Brian Peters Brian Mancuso Striker The L Cutter Face
Bryce Donovan Brison Farner Showboat/Brawler DD's Atribute CJW Tag Team Champion Heel
Carpet Muncher Andrew Mancuso Showboat/ Brawler Snack Pack Stunner Face
Charlie Tiger Charlie Hutton Jobber Tiger DDT Face
Christian Robinson Christian Robinson Technical Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Heel
Coach Mammone Michael Romavich All Rounder Running whistle splash Heel
Cory Dillinger Cory Bell Powerhouse Diligence Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Face
Cronin Elijah Santos All Rounder Jumping


Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Face
Dalton Hawkins Daltono Charles Showboat/Jobber Unsubsrciber Splash Heel
Dante Drago Simon Hubert Technical Face
DGDX Animation D.M. Galloway Jobber Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Tweener
Doctor K Dexter Slabb Grappler Crossface Heel
Dominic Truax Vincent Poling Powerhouse Sit-out Powerbomb Heel
Draken Drake Aspiro Powerhouse Chokeslam Heel
Drax Maysin Jebidiah Whuue Hardcore/Jobber Head to Coast Heel
Duhop Matthew Hitchens All Rounder Duhop Drop SuperGram Memorial Backyard Brawl Winner Face
Ebenezer Mittlesdorf David Hitchens N/A GTS General Manager Face
Ellis Taylor Ellis Taylor Acrobat Chickenwing Over-the-Shoulder Crossface Heel
Foxx Vinyer Greg Cecchetto Brawler Stormbreaker Face
Francesca Chini Katrina Calvert All Rounder Sitout Facebuster Heel
Freddy Flamingo IV Freddy Fronzas All Rounder Shaka Kick Face
Gabby Gilbert Gabrielle Gilbert All Rounder Face
Gabriel Corisma Gabe Harris All Rounder Face
Giant Leather N/A Powerhouse Chokeslam FIRED as GTS General Manager Heel
Griffin McCoy Griffin McCoy Acrobat Ripcord Backfist Face
Grim David Hitchens All Rounder/ Trickster Double-Chin Music, Grim Ending, Apple Juice Adjustment YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Champion Face/Heel
Heel Wife Barbara Hitchens Baby Face
Hitman Jones Tyler Jones All Rounder Forsal Drop Heel
Hollywood Hooligan Estevan Roman Hardcore Bicycle Knee GTS United States Champion Heel
Jake Cage Kyle Worthington Powerhouse Three-Point Stance Spear GTS Tag Team Champion Heel
Jay Evans Jay Calnan Acrobat Jay's Way GTS Tag Team Champion Face
Jay Kirby Kameran Lane Hardcore Soul Taker Face
Jay Medic Jay Bennett Hardcore D.O.A. Heel
Jesse Hurse William Schmidt All Rounder Face
Jimmy Controversy James Romer Hardcore/Acrobat Controversy Causer Heel
Jimmy Rave James Guffey Grappler Doppler Effect Face
JJ Adams Al-Jamil Martin Hardcore Diving DDT Face
Jobber Joe Matt Zygmund Jobber Sloppy Joe TKO Tweener
Joe Dice Joe Shouldice All Rounder Rolling the Dice Tweener
Joe Wolf Joe Mandra Hardcore/ Trickster Howling Headlock Driver Heel
Johnny Chill Simon Ruud Acrobat Chill Factor Heel
Jordan Oliver Jordan Oliver Acrobat Disgusting Heel
Kain Magyar Kain Pricipotti Grappler Redneck Stunner Heel
Kama Kozzy Will Joseph Hardcore Shojutsu Super pop Memorial Winner Face
Kennedi Copeland Kennadi Copeland Brawler Ninja Kicks/Ninja Knee Face
KC Navarro Christian Navarro Acrobat The Starburst Face
Kleetus Bailey Tony Pricipotti Hardcore Redneck Stunner Heel
Kurt Bale Dan Newman Hardcore Overdrive Heel
Lance Scaper Domnick Voza Hardcore The Weedwhacker Face
Lucha La Rassa Anthony


Hardcore Lucha Driver GTS Intercontinental Champion
The Lunatic Ginge Robert Torn Brawler Clothesline from Hell Face
Malcom Moss Malcom Moss Powerhouse Spinning Side Slam Heel
Manabo Tim Lapu Powerhouse Samoan Wrecking Ball Heel
Manny Martinez Mark Marlez Grappler Cardiac Arrest Tweener
The Mark Geoffrey Bravo All Rounder The Marky Elbow Heel
Mathias Glass Mathias Glendale All Rounder Chosen People's Elbow Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Face
Matt Vertigo Kirkland Maddox All Rounder Vertical Limit Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Tweener
Max Caster Maxwell Olie Showboat/ Brawler Big Bombatation CJW Tag Team Champion Heel
Michael Myers N/A All Rounder GTS Ruthless Rumble Champion Heel
Mike Law Mike Law Technical Law and Order Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Heel
Mike Orlando Mike Orlando All Rounder O-Line Face
Mike Swanson Mike McDowell Hardcore Curb Stomp Heel
Nickelwise The Klown Unknown Kidnapper Superkick GTS Hardcore Champion Heel
Nunzio James "Little Guido" Maritato All Rounder Arrivederci Heel
Oliver Bailey Eddie Dywer Powerhouse Police Brutality Heel
Onslaught Jamie Duffy Powerhouse Ripcord Spinning SIde Slam Face
Penelope Ford Penelope Ford Technical Face
PITA Kid Chris Hitchens Acrobat Face
Prince Akkanatan Darryl Halifax All Rounder The Seven Plagues Heel
Rhett Titus Everett Titus All Rounder Big-Dawg Boot Face
Robbie E Robert Strauss Grappler Boom Drop BBWF Tag Team Champion Face
Ron Voyage Kevin Hernandez All Rounder Wild Trip Heel
Ronnie Moses Ronald Moses All Rounder Snap Front Facelock Drop Heel
The Shadow Demon Unknown Kidnapper Coup de Grâce Heel
Shemar Jesse Shemar Powerhouse Butterfly Facebuster Heel
Slenderdick TBA Powerhouse Tombstone Piledriver GTS Champion Heel
Slim Boss Man Shawn Williams Police Officer Unknown Tweener
Sodapop Smith Jack Wiard Grappler Bottle Cap Heel
Sprinkles the Clown Howard Grayson Powerhouse Sprinkle Bomb Heel
Stone Cold Steve Urkel Trevane Winston  Brawler Stone Cold Stunner Tweener
The Alien Unknown Alien Unknown Tweener
The Mummy Unknown Assistant Chokeslam Manager of Prince Akkanatan

Hasn't appeared in over 30 days

TJ Crawford Thomas Kropper All Rounder Rolling Forearm Face
Tommy Moose Thom Bourne Powerhouse Moose Slam Tweener
Tommy Salami Thomas Zambito Powerhouse Lard-KO Face
Tony Chini Anthony Franceschini Showboat/ Jobber Ham Slice Face
Tony Emerald Tony Zolter Brawler Emerald Cutter Face
Tiki Cruz Unknown Trickster Superkick Heel
Tristan Balmer Tristan Balmer Jobber N/A Heel
Ulfrick Strongclaw Nate Mustang Brawler Ragnarok Face
Vinny Cenzo Vincent Florecenzo Hardcore Brainbuster Face
Vlad Drago Matt Diller Powerhouse Russian Massacre Face
Waylon Kage TBA All Rounder Unknown SWF Hardcore Champion Face
The Whompis Bill
(Last Name Unknown)
Hardcore/Submission Specialist Mandible Claw Face
Yankee TDM Yankee Santiago Powerhouse / Acrobat TDM kick / pop up powerbomb Face



Real Name Role


Face or Heel
FourEyesEd (Ed the Ref) Kevin Murphy Referee Heel


Heel (Grim's neighbor) Heel
AttackSlug Gamer

Hasn't appeared in over 30 days

Tiffany Avatar Manager of Duhop Face
Sterling Silver Sterling Davis Referee

Loser Champion

Neddy Murphy Referee Tweener
Crazy Fan Phil Phil Joseph Referee Heel
Heel Wife/ Dollkat Barbara Hitchens Grim's Wife Heel
Mark Haggety Mark Haggety Play-by-play Commentator Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Face
Grim David Hitchens CEO of GTS Wrestling, General Manager & Talent Scout Shovel


The Mummy Unknown Manager of Prince Akkanatan Hasn't appeared in over 30 days Heel
Smart Mark Sterling Warren Callarizzo Manager of Shook Crew Create A Pro Heel
Kristen Stadtlander Kristen Sandler Shook Crew King Create A Pro Heel
DGDX Animation D.M. Galloway Somtimes a guest Tweener
Keyboard Warrior Andrew Mancuso Also portrays Carpet Muncher Heel