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Welcome To the GTS Wiki. Where all the Grims Toy Show fans can enjoy a wiki for the show. You can edit, add content, or just view pages. Do not hate on any pages if you hate the superstar that the page is about, Do not add fake info to GTS Pages. Making a fan card is not allowed. So enjoy the wiki.

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GTS is having a van problem, can Grim and DF figure this out? EAT IT YEAH

Legendary Gamer Guy Creation Studios Calls out Grim's Toy Show at CastilloMania in 2 months in Arizona on May 28th in a Backyard Battle ground mach for the GTS YouTube Wrestling Figures Championship.

-from Legendary Gamer Guy Creation Studios

Supergram, Grim's grandmother, has peacefully passed away in her home on February 24th, 2018. May she tell people to Eat it Slobs! in heaven. We will never forget you, SuperGram!

:Rip supergram you will be missed

We can say goodbye to some of the GTS Wiki Members







It has come to the attention that a bunch of fan-card have been made by various users. As of October 22nd, 2018, these fan-cards are no longer allowed. The reason is because our goal is to provide accurate information here on the Grim's Toy Show Wiki, and fan-cards do not provide such information. If you would like to make a fan-card, please go to the Fanon wiki at --ConkerThePikachu.

Champions Edit

Championship Current Champion Reign Date Won Days Held Notes
YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Champion Kurt Bale 1 dec,6 2018 2 Cashed in this Food in the Fridge on Grim
GTS Champion Slender 1 November 14, 2018 3 Won from Lance Scaper
GTS Intercontinental Champion Lucha La Rassa 1 October 26, 2018 22 Won from Stone Cold Steve Urkel involving Johnny Chill, Medical Mofo, Hollywood Hooligan, and Bruiser Bonifer
GTS United States Champion Hollywood Hooligan 4 November 13, 2018 4 Won from Tony Chini
GTS Tag Team Champions Jake Cage and Jay Evans 1,5 October 16, 2018 4 Won from Tony Chini and Francesca Chini
GTS Hardcore Champion onslaught 1 dec,8 2018 1 won from kurt bale
GTS Ruthless Rumble Champion Michael Vorhees 1 March 10, 2018 178 Won from JJ Adams
Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Bruiser Bonifer 5 June 20, 2018 94 Won from Jimmy Controversy involving Jay Kirby and Sodapop Smith
Loser Chumpionship Stone Cold Steve Urkel 2 August 16,2018 94 Lost to Ron Voyage

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No being offensive, either in the articles or the comments sections.

Faliure to comply to these rules will result in a 1 month ban. If you fail to comply a second time, you will be banned for 3 months, a third time means you will be banned for a year.

The most important rule though, is have fun.

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